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Eurobase Opens New Opportunities for Banks’ Sales Desks and Customers With the Launch of Siena Agreement Manager

Eurobase, a leading provider of financial technology solutions, announced today the launch of the Siena Agreement Manager, a powerful tool that helps banks actively monitor collateral, margin, and credit agreements in real-time. Agreement Manager can be deployed as an end-to-end solution or as part of a modular technology stack, in the cloud or on-premise.  

Customers are driving demand for more complex products, which to date have traditionally only been offered by exceptionally large banks and financial services providers. Eurobase’s new digital agreement manager provides the capability, safety, and flexibility for banks of all sizes to satisfy this growing need. 

Siena Agreement Manager provides the following key benefits: 

  • Faster deal turnaround time, and better-informed decisions through direct integration into trading systems. 
  • Reduce risk at trade time with real-time checks on deal eligibility. 
  • Reduction in effort for trading and operational staff, by automating the terms and conditions of agreements. 
  • Real-time exposure monitoring allows you to make more accurate decisions instantly. 
  • Total transparency of agreement portfolios, all managed securely in one place. 

Agreement Manager provides a standardised, yet highly flexible workflow coupled with digital storage of agreements from inception. It clearly defines contractual relationships, supported with a robust framework and workflow. Recording agreements digitally is easy, safe, and secure thus reducing the effort to monitor. The solution also monitors and validates business and trading activity to ensure that limits, exposures, and facilities are always adhered to. Real-time alerts are available to ensure business critical risks are controlled in line with the strict terms of individual agreements. 

Dhavarajh Frank, Banking General Manager stated

"We are excited to launch the Agreement Manager as part of our Siena product suite. Siena Agreement Manager will create real opportunities for banks to offer a greater service to customers as well as providing critical risk management, exposure monitoring with real-time alerts and standardised workflows that really puts control in the hands of banks to ensure that contractual relationships are upheld.” 


For more information on Siena Agreement Manager, download our brochure using the form below or contact us directly at info@eurobase.com 


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 About Eurobase 

 Eurobase has been providing treasury management, trading and sales solutions to businesses for over 30 years, helping them to stay ahead of the market and allowing them to keep pace with the increasing burden of regulation. We offer an exceptional client experience and the option to add new innovative services with minimal effort. With such a wide range of institutions choosing Siena, we have become one of the most trusted and reliable solutions providers in the market.    


For further information, please contact: 

Joanne West  
Group Marketing Manager 
Eurobase International Group   
+44 (0)2076 484 799