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Meet Our Team



Insurance Leadership

Joe Locke CEO Insurance Solutions
Paul Bryson Group Operations Director
Ryan Hallett Chief Technology Officer
Kevin Richmond Product Director
Stuart Reece Head of Client Support
Neil Chittenden Head of Client Delivery
Mark Phipps Business Development Director

Banking Leadership

Joe Locke CEO Banking Solutions
Dhavarajh Frank General Manager
Paul Bryson Group Operations Director
Oliver Eggert Treasury Business Consultant
Matt Townsend Head of Product – eCommerce, Platform & Innovation
Neil McManus Head of Product – Treasury
Edwin Halakooei Head of Engineering

ePeople Leadership

Paul Springall Managing Director
Ian Ayres Head of Europe

Group Services

Erion Skrapalliu Head of Group Technical Services
Joanne West Group Marketing Manager
Matthew Wilson Marketing Manager - Banking & Insurance

How Can We Help You?

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