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Nov 22, 2023 3:46:46 PM 4 min read

Genesis Global Insurance Selects Eurobase's End-to-End Reinsurance Platform, Synergy2

Genesis Global Insurance, a forward-thinking reinsurance company based in The Bahamas, specialising in property and casualty risks across the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, has taken a major stride towards enhancing its reinsurance operations. Eurobase is proud to announce its new partnership with Genesis Global Insurance, who have selected Synergy2, to facilitate the expansion of their business.


With a primary focus on property and casualty underwriting, Genesis Global Insurance has positioned itself for growth with a vision to expand into new territories. Recognising the need for a robust reinsurance solution to support its diversification and growth ambitions.
Synergy2, offers Genesis Global Insurance a single source of truth that provides visibility through comprehensive data analytics including real-time dashboards. This newfound transparency allows for in-depth analysis of business performance, empowering Genesis Global Insurance to make proactive and informed decisions.   


Previously reliant on reactive, manual processes to assess the impact of events, Genesis Global Insurance will now leverage Synergy2's capabilities to support multiple lines of business and support its growth ambitions without the need for significant increases in headcount. Synergy2 will seamlessly handle underwriting, claims, retrocession, and accounting and will deliver enhanced operational efficiency.

Given the geographical areas covered by Genesis Global Insurance, which are prone to high winds and hurricanes, Synergy2's provision of potential impact analysis will enable proactive underwriting measures and significantly improve forecasting accuracy. This enhanced capability will instil confidence in executives and stakeholders throughout the organisation. Eurobase will be providing synergy2 as a hosted solution via the Microsoft Azure cloud platform providing scalability, reliability, and security.

Genesis Global Insurance's decision to partner with Eurobase was also based on Eurobase's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional support, their deep understanding of Genesis Global Insurance's business requirements, and domain expertise.

Maripaz Velázquez, General Manager

"At Genesis Global Insurance, we're committed to providing the best possible solutions to our clients. Choosing Synergy2 from Eurobase is a strategic move that empowers us to take our reinsurance operations to new heights. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that enhances our ability to proactively serve our customers and navigate the complexities of our dynamic industry."


Mark Phipps, Business Development Director, stated.

“We are delighted to be chosen as Genesis Global Insurance's technology partner and to see them harness the power of Synergy2 to revolutionise their reinsurance operations. Genesis Global Insurance's dedication to innovation and growth aligns perfectly with Eurobase's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower our clients. We look forward to working closely with Genesis Global Insurance, providing unrivalled support, and leveraging our expertise to help them achieve their ambitious goals”







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About Genesis Global Insurance:
Genesis Global Insurance is a Bahamas-based reinsurance company specialising in property and casualty risks across the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. With a focus on property and casualty underwriting, the company is committed to growth and expansion into new territories.


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About Eurobase:
Eurobase is a leading international software and services provider of (re)insurance solutions. Established in 1988 and with customers in over 25 countries, Eurobase has gained extensive knowledge of the global (re)insurance markets. With a personal approach, Eurobase ensures it delivers the support and flexibility its customers need and the service they expect. With long-standing customer relationships, Eurobase has a committed approach to doing business and to product investment, delivering ongoing value above and beyond initial engagements.

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