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Synergy2 Reinsurance Brochure

Synergy2 is Eurobase’s market-leading reinsurance platform, delivering modern technology and automated processes to allow our customers to focus on their business goals.

Synergy2 embraces emerging technologies in an ecosystem that delivers performance, agility and efficiency in a single end-to-end platform.

Empowering Your Decisions In The New Digital Age

5.-Gradient-Icons Outperform The Competition Built on modern and scalable technology, Synergy2 offers 24/7 reliability, real-time analytics and approval performance. A single view of the truth is shared between roles allowing actions and decisions to be taken.
Decisions Make Better Decisions Synergy2 captures detailed information, whether via digital messaging, documentation, or directly captured, which, coupled with real-time data analytics, enables informed decision making.
Artboard 88 copy Digitise Your Operations Synergy2 is leading the market in digital messaging and emerging technologies. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are harnessed to add value while Ruschlikon and ACORD messages are seamlessly integrated into the Synergy2 workflow.
Artboard 92 copy Manage Risk Information is shared with Synergy2, different roles can collaborate to understand and mitigate risks. Insight is gained from easy-to-use and fully configurable reports and real-time dashboards, highlighting key performance indicators to help react to market changes.
Automation Automate Your Processes Delivering a straight-through-processing experience and removing unnecessary delay means Synergy2 can minimise friction for underwriters and claims managers while maintaining world-class governance and compliance.
Cost-Efficiencies Realise Cost Efficiencies Through a reduction in re-keying, support for ACORD messages, and comprehensive interfaces, Synergy2 minimises low-value work and enables teams to focus on their priorities, streamline operations and share data with the value-chain.

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