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Siena Treasury Brochure

We help your treasury teams control risk and exposures integrating with your existing infrastructure supporting your immediate and long-term business demands.

The Definitive Treasury Toolkit, Connected.

Artboard 118 copy 6 Operating Model Integration Flexible integration to existing systems using ready-to-deploy adaptors and harnessing APIs that support any message format and communication with existing applications.
Artboard 107 Dealing Channels Siena comes with a suite of integrations to dealing venues. Dealers can execute trades on external execution venues that are instantaneously imported to update positions in real-time.
Artboard 87 Rates and Pricing

Flexible rate aggregation and margining functionality across a comprehensive set of parameters including, channel, trader, sales, counterparty, trading group, asset class, currency, amount bands and tenors.

Artboard 117 copy 4 Profit & Loss, Positions & Cash Flows Revaluations for all asset classes and derivative valuation reports. FX P&L adjusted against closing rates; derivatives assessed as OTM/ITM/ATM when prices update. 
Artboard 93 Risk & Compliance Interest rate sensitivities, gap analytics, durations and volatilities, ‘what if’ yield analysis, full range of risk and volatility analytics available at your fingertips. 
Artboard 118 copy 4 Asset & Liability Management Stress testing balance sheet, liquidity and income projections, user-defined business-centric horizons, interest and market risk, funds and transfer pricing.

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