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Siena Trading Brochure

Our complete single dealer platform will provide your clients with a superior user experience. Powered by a high-performance pricing engine, Siena delivers streaming forward, spot and money market RFQ, RFSQ & ESP pricing.

Single-Dealer Web Platform With an Unparalleled Trading Experience

Artboard 101 Customer-Centric User Experience Siena eTrader offers ESP, RFSQ, RFQ pricing and full-limit order management powered by multi-bank liquidity sourcing via its inclusive pricing engine. In both direct customer, agency and broker models.
Artboard 107 Cover & Deal & Agency Execution Protect your market position and increase your currency offering with auto-hedging and cover & deal automation backed up with stand out trading controls, best execution monitoring & control of customer instrument eligibility.
Artboard 86 Real-Time Pricing

Manage prices in real-time to keep up with volatile market conditions. Spread, skew and pull prices in real-time to effectively manage risk. Supporting integration to existing pricing engine(s) or 3rd-party aggregators.

Artboard 119 copy 8 Multi-Asset Including a wide range of FX and treasury products, Siena can be rapidly adapted to support trading for any instrument supported by our treasury management solution. Siena eTrader includes a comprehensive range of limit orders.
Artboard 89 Proven Trading Technology Siena eTrader offers you a web-based, cloud-ready (or installed) solution with flexible workflows and proven multi-location 24x7 operations. Including secure, thoroughly repudiated and traceable transactions data.
Artboard 88 Process & Systems Integration Siena can fully integrate with your current customer portal. Single sign-on, branding, news and charting enrich the customer experience. Deals, orders and transactions are exported to 3rd-party systems in real-time, powering your customer 360° views.

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