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Kathryn Emerson Sep 14, 2018 3:30:00 PM 2 min read

Eurobase delivers MIFIR compliancy with automated connectivity to Bloomberg RHUB.

Eurobase, a leading provider of treasury management solutions, sales desk and customer trading portals, has extended its MiFIR trade and transaction reporting function for its customers to include Bloomberg’s RHUB service. Introduced in January 2018, this new regulation aims to make financial markets more open, efficient, resilient and transparent.

Firms are now seeking to modify their existing tactical approaches that primarily prioritised the post-trade transaction reporting needs, to also ensure full pre-trade and best execution monitoring in the front office. siena, the Eurobase Regulatory Reporting solution, has been successfully deployed to meet our customers’ compliance needs as their business and reporting obligations grow.

As a fully automated pre- and post-trade data aggregation hub, siena supports real-time reporting and best execution monitoring. It also covers other compliance regulations such as EMIR reporting and is currently being extended to cater for the upcoming SFTR requirements.

Bloomberg’s RHUB is a multi-asset rule and enrichment engine that has proved to be very efficient for firms seeking to take this next step in addressing regulatory reporting requirements. RHUB takes enriched trade feeds from siena in real-time. It then identifies reportable securities and sends them to both Bloomberg reporting destinations (ARM, APA) as well as external reporting destinations.

Joe Locke, CEO Banking and Insurance Solutions, commented, “We recognise that a customer’s obligations under MiFIR might change as their business evolves, often at very short notice. Through our collaboration with Bloomberg, our customers can connect to Bloomberg’s comprehensive regulatory reporting framework and be ready to select additional services when required. This connectivity deepens our relationship with Bloomberg and adds to our existing FXGO integrations.”