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Synergy2 is a modern, digital, end-to-end solution for the London Market, flexibly handling the processing of complex risks at syndicates, companies and MGA's.

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Embrace The Digital Future Of The London Market

  • Exchange bureau information using the next generation of market messages supporting ACORD standards.
  • Align your data processing to comply with the Lloyd's Blueprint.
  • Accept and exchange information with market-placement services.

Empower Decision-Making Through Real-Time Analytics & Management Information

  • Synergy2 allows information from across the lifecycle to be analysed and shared through a fully customisable data analytics suite.
  • KPIs with complete drill-down capability delivering real-time information for the boardroom and all business departments.
  • Automate the creation and delivery of standard data across the business, and produce Lloyd's reporting from a single, reliable source of data.

Improve Operational Efficiency Through Business Automation

  • Capture your key controls across the lifecycle, such as underwriting guidelines and claims authority limits, in a powerful yet flexible workflow.
  • Pass data seamlessly across the organisation while still enforcing segregation of duties.
  • Automate data capture and improve the quality of information across the business.
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Delivering Operational Excellence For The London Market

Artboard 115 copy 22 Ratings and RARC

Complete rating engine meeting Lloyd's RARC reporting requirements. Handles rating of complex risk.

Artboard 117 copy 23 Picture Your Business

View limit and aggregate erosion, picture your risk exposure, monitor capacity allocation, calculate your forecast earned position and net claim retention.

Artboard 92 copy Minimise Underwriting Risk

Determine the optimum risk retention, perform "what-if" analysis and be alerted to business anomalies.

Artboard 87 Operational & Cost Efficiencies

Significant reductions in processing times and operational costs. Grow your business without increasing headcount.

Artboard 119 copy 23 Streamline Your Operations

Synergy2 integrates through London Market Standards, aligned to EBOT, ECOT and ePlacing messaging, or via our flexible API framework.

Artboard 119 copy 22 Integration Share information with your enterprise and business partners through Synergy2's RESTful web services.

Synergy2 Ecosystem

Synergy2 is based around a single source of data, which provides real-time sharing of information across all capabilities.

  • End-to-end core platform
  • Global operations coverage
  • Ecosystem of emerging technologies


Easy Engagement From Our First Conversation

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Arrange a call with the Synergy2 team, come and meet us, discuss your issues and thoughts.

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Work with us

Lets get our teams together and look at how we can help overcome your challenges and identify the highest risk vs the quickest wins.

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Onboard with us

We’ll work with you and any of your chosen 3rd parties to improve your performance and regain control using our cloud-based platform.

Working With You To Build Strong & Long-Lasting Partnerships


We have extensive experience of (re)insurance, captive insurance and solution delivery supported by a strong partner network.

Understanding We understand the challenges you face; we’ve been in your position, and we can share how we dealt with those challenges.
Collaborative We work with you as a strategic partner to deliver the best outcomes for you, your organisation and your teams.

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