End-to-end (re)insurance platform

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synergy2 is a web based (re)insurance platform that enables (re)insurance companies to harmoniously bring together the technology used across their operational landscapes. synergy2 can integrate with existing solutions, as well as offering its own modules across a (re)insurance company’s technology landscape. 
insurance platform policy administration

Policy Administration


A highly configurable end-to-end administration insurance platform that has been specifically developed to support the complexities of reinsurance, specialty lines, London Market and captive insurance operations, synergy2 offers the benefits of being a release based insurance platform with the ability to be configured to meet each organisation's individual requirements.

synergy2 (re)insurance software solution delivers underwriting, claims, outward reinsurance, bordereaux mapping and loading, and technical accounting as fully integrated modules. This ensures that there is a direct relationship between all data held throughout the system including financial transactions. As a result, the software delivers improved processing efficiency and data integrity which feeds its comprehensive business intelligence and management reporting modules.

synergy2 is designed to support multiple lines of direct and assumed business across different policy types, written direct or through brokers and delegated authorities.

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insurance platform business intelligence

Business Intelligence

synergy2’s Business Intelligence module delivers the capability to present management information and key performance indicators from all integrated components, applications and other external databases.

The insurance platform offers a single, accurate and real-time view of your insurance operations. It incorporates a standard library of dashboards and information summaries as well as providing the option for individuals to create new dashboards and views with ease – all coupled with full drill down capability.

insurance platform document management

Document Management

synergy2 insurance platform offers an intuitive, easy to use DMS module which delivers fast upload of documents and quick access via a powerful search function (including metadata). synergy2 also provides fully automated production and distribution of rich text and data based documents that can be tailored to your specific branding, presentation, and wording requirements. For those organisations with existing document management solutions, synergy2 seamlessly integrates with these ensuring all the business benefits can be recognised.

insurance platform crm


synergy2 delivers the ability to view and manage your customer and agents’ relationships. It will record all your contacts and the activity undertaken with them - including emails, phone calls, sales campaigns and can also display quotations, underwritten business, claims and other related data. Coupled with synergy2’s powerful business intelligence which delivers real-time management dashboards, you will be able to improve the level of service provided and maximise the value of your relationships. For those organisations with existing enterprise CRM solutions, synergy2 seamlessly integrates with these ensuring all the business benefits can be recognised.

insurance platform workflow


synergy2’s integrated, configurable workflows provide confidence and confirmation that data being captured has been through auditable authorisation stages. These authorisations can range from simple peer reviews to monetary and key value controls, operating within the existing hierarchies of your staff organisation. This helps you to monitor for compliance with underwriting guidelines and reduce manual input errors. Randomisation of the assigned authorisers can also help to prevent internal fraud. Email alerts sent to assigned authorisers help to keep the authorisation timescales to a minimum and the audit trails can help identify any delays to the process.

insurance platform message gateway

Message Gateway

A lightweight ready-to-use ACORD certified gateway enabling you to move forwards on your journey to achieving straight through processing and reducing operational costs. synergy2 also includes a configurable and robust Bordereaux Processing system, again helping you to achieve greater processing efficiency, and is ECF Write-Back accredited.

insurance platform agent portal

Agent Portal

The synergy2 insurance platform enables you to deliver superior service to your customers through a branded and customised web portal. The portal offers access to the information that your customers require from quote and bind, through viewing current policies and upcoming renewals, to reviewing the current status of their claims. By enabling your brokers and agents to efficiently process and track their business with you in the way they want to, synergy2 supports and encourages long term effective relationships between your business and theirs.

insurance platform systems integration

Systems Integration

The synergy2 insurance platform simplifies integration activities. It achieves this through the use of an easy to use, broad API based on RESTful Web Services accompanied by a well-documented Developer Centre allowing other systems to access data and functionality within synergy2. It also has pre-built interfaces to common applications including General Ledger, DMS and CRM systems, so you can avoid having to re-key information and avoid custom development. The insurance platform can also deliver Business Intelligence across your existing applications and datasets without requiring significant development. eurobase also offers consultancy services for more complex scenarios including systems consolidation, integration and data migration/warehousing.

insurance platform general ledger

General Ledger

synergy2 insurance platform integrates seamlessly with a number of leading General Ledger applications. The platform delivers technical accounts information, formatted and structured for the receiving application, such as Sun Accounts, SAP, Oracle Financials and Microsoft's NAVISION. This enables users to produce consolidated trail balances, profit & loss and balance sheet.

insurance platform rating


Integration to rules based rating tools is a core part of synergy2's design either through the use of integrated spreadsheet-based calculation engines or through dedicated third party tools from our partners or other suppliers. This enables the delivery of accurate and real-time pricing and supports the facility to quote and bind in both front and back office environments. The insurance platform supports pricing for both products and specific lines of business. For those organisations with existing rating solutions, synergy2 seamlessly integrates with these ensuring that all the associated business benefits can be recognised.

insurance platform complaints manager

Complaints Manager

The complaints management system incorporates the templates and process management steps you need to achieve compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) whilst aligning with your specific business processes.

This ensures that your customer’s complaint is dealt with in a professional, timely and consistent manner, irrespective of their preferred method of communication with you.

You have the ability to easily export all the relevant data to ensure that you achieve compliance with FCA regulations and guidelines. The eurobase complaints management software also gives you additional benefits which you can see here.

insurance platform governance & compliance

Governance & Compliance

synergy2’s purpose built relational database delivers the ‘single version of the truth’ vital to governance of a (re)insurance company’s data, providing consolidated and consistent delivery of data to management and regulatory bodies. Its security layers mean that information can be restricted to only those that have the authority to view or amend it, and its integrated authorisation workflow adds both monetary and key value controls over the data being entered. Specific data capture monitors for contract certainty during the quote negotiation and bind entry stages. synergy2 can deal with your Solvency II returns or provide the data in a format ready for use in reporting tools, whether in your preferred system or one of our partner solutions.