Commercial and London Markets

"We were looking for a single platform to deliver consistent business processes across our global aperations and all lines of business.  synergy2 has proved itself as a complete and advanced technical accounting system since its successful implementation for the Newline Group of companies"
- Andrew Boyd, Head of IT, Newline Group


Why does the market need synergy2?

The commercial market continues to evolve dramatically, with capital being deployed through mergers, acquisitions and organic growth in new and emerging markets. In today’s environment, you know your company needs to maintain its position in traditional markets, while gaining the flexibility to exploit new opportunities locally and internationally, without adding to the complexity of its operations. However, reliability is key in an evolving market.

With 25 years in the London market, Eurobase is an established provider of end-to-end (re)insurance administration software, with our latest implementation having been completed in summer 2015. From our unique perspective within the marketplace, we recognise that insurers who offer cover for commercial risks have seen significant consolidation driven by increasing competition, which has resulted in greater pressure to reduce cost per transaction. At the same time, we understand that insurers must continue to focus on service delivery to gain and retain customers.

synergy2 is Eurobase’s answer to this challenge. It is a reliable software solution for insurers in the commercial market that offers you flexibility, seamless integration and total scalability, allowing your business to grow and diversify on a single underwriting platform.

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What could synergy2 do for your business?

synergy2 is Eurobase’s newest insurance software package for organisations in the commercial market. It is an advanced, proven solution that delivers flexibility, seamless integration and total scalability, allowing your business to grow and diversify on a single underwriting platform that is configured to satisfy your business requirements:

Do you have fragmented systems and multiple sources of data?

Everything runs more smoothly when your operations are in sync. synergy2 is a single solution for insurance operations covering all business processes for underwriting, claims, outwards reinsurance and accounting thus avoiding re-keying and providing you with the coveted ‘single version of the truth’ across all operations.


Can you automate delegated authority business at a detailed level?

Speed, accuracy and efficiency are vital to ensure everything happens when and how it needs to. With synergy2, bordereau data can be automatically uploaded from coverholders in order to expedite processing of individual declarations of policy, premiums and claims while providing an overall view of the coverholders’ exposure and profitability.

Do you have difficulties managing your exposure?

synergy2 provides you with real-time alerts and an overview of your risks to help you measure your exposure against your current capacity.

Can you process your London market and service company business in a single system?

Multi-tasking can be tricky, but synergy2 can simplify things by supporting different business channels all on one platform, giving you complete control and peace of mind.

Can you accurately price your business?

Don’t leave anything to chance. synergy2 delivers sophisticated pricing supporting a number of rating models to ensure your prices are up-to-date.

Do you have a single system able to support a multi-national office network?

Companies operate better when all their various entities are managed together using one solution, but not all platforms are designed to handle this level of connectivity. Fortunately, our system can handle businesses dealing with multiple companies, profit centres, languages, taxation laws, currencies, and lines of business.


synergy2 logo large commercial and london markets insurance system

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