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Why does the market need synergy2?

Among other challenges, increasing regulation by legislative bodies has become one of the main concerns for organisations operating within the general insurance market.  However, as well as complying with local and international standards, businesses must ensure that they remain competitive and profitable.

Eurobase has been providing organisations with complete, integrated administration platforms for over 25 years and have built up a reputation for being one of the most trusted suppliers in the industry. Our solution, synergy2, was specifically designed to address the unique challenges of the market whilst maintaining total flexibility and control.


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What could synergy2 do for your business?

Do you have a single system able to support a multi-national office network?

Companies operate better when all their various entities are managed together using one solution, but not all platforms are designed to handle this level of connectivity. Fortunately, our system can handle businesses dealing with multiple companies, profit centres, languages, taxation laws, currencies, and lines of business.

Do you have fragmented systems and multiple sources of data?

Everything runs more smoothly when your operations are in sync. synergy2 is a single solution for insurance operations covering all business processes for underwriting, claims, outwards reinsurance and accounting thus avoiding re-keying and providing you with the coveted ‘single version of the truth’ across all operations.

Are you dependent on your vendor for bringing new products to market?

synergy2 provides self-sufficiency in building and deploying new products, rating and documents, ensuring you can react quickly to the needs of the market and remain ahead of the competition.

How do you turn your opportunities into business?

When you can monitor all your incoming opportunities whether new or renewed, from submission to policy, you can take action on those that are more relevant and turn them into business.


Can you manage the full policy administration lifecycle?

With synergy2 , you know you can be efficient by managing the full lifecycle of your policies and obtain real and tangible improvements to your business processes.


How can you accelerate your time to market?

Using our highly flexible combined product management suite, you can deliver new lines of business in minutes, if you see the market opportunity with our insurance solution you can deliver new business fast.


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