Cross Border FX Payments

“Cross border payments represent 1 out of every 5 payments and account for 42% of value.”
 - Glenbrook Partners & The Institute of Financial Operations, Cross Border Payments Perspectives


In today’s digital world customers expect a slick and intuitive experience from every website and programme they use. For cross border or domestic payments, platforms must offer an excellent customer experience, security, streamed live rates, competitive pricing and best execution in order to achieve the desired deal completion levels. 

Banks and other financial organisations have been relying on Eurobase for their software solutions for over 25 years. With such a wide range of clients choosing our siena platform to help manage their operations, it’s no wonder we are one of the most trusted providers in the market.


Do you need an FX Payments solution?


 Functionally rich, siena provides:

  • Fingertip volatility controls
  • Auto deal cover
  • Comprehensive position keeping
  • Automatic hedging capabilities
  • Real-time exposure and limit checking
  • Ease of configuration and deployment
  • Ease of integration to all major back office systems
  • Real-time insight into customer activity
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Multi Branch & Multi Entity
  • Flexible MIS & reporting
  • Real-time blotters, cash flows, positions and P&L displays


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siena's role within a cross border payments operation

siena offers a customer centric, web-enabled payments solution. Real-time FX rates and transparent fees allow you to retain full FX and operational control and stay ahead of the competition.
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Key features of siena

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Eurobase offers true multi-channel support including:

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