Do you need a treasury management software solution?


Are you still using redundant legacy systems and spreadsheets to handle all your treasury activity?

Even smaller societies are now finding that legacy systems and spreadsheets do not provide the consistency, control and reliability needed to effectively manage their treasury operations. siena is a full deal-capture and position-keeping solution that is available 24/7, providing you with extensive drill-down capabilities with fully exposed trading data to give you a more comprehensive and dependable view of your positions.


Are you having issues with cash flow visibility across your organisation?

siena is capable of interfacing with any upstream or downstream systems to extract transaction data and provide you with extensive cashflow, projections and sensitivity to market rate changes.


Are you worried your company is too small to invest in a treasury solution?

You need a platform that is scalable as well as cost efficient and flexible enough to develop with your company. siena can comfortably handle dealing rooms from two traders upwards, providing you with immediate efficiencies today and room to grow tomorrow.


Can you track your trades?

If your dealers currently input their trades into various execution platforms, siena can help you streamline your processes and make you more efficient. siena  supports interfaces to multiple external execution venues including deal feeds from Reuters (RTNS) and Bloomberg, plus an extensive range of APIs.


Can you cover all your trading requirements?

Client and balance sheet trades require hedging in the market, so you need a system that can provide for a broad range of asset classes. With siena, users have access to a full library of deal types in all asset classes that can be enabled without any additional configuration.


Are you missing out on trading opportunities?

In a highly competitive market, you need to be able to act fast and depend on your treasury solution to deploy new products quickly and easily. siena deal types simply need to be activated to be available immediately, reducing your time to market and helping you take advantage of even the most fleeting opportunities.


Do you need to see your profit and loss in real-time?

As prices change, you need an instant, clear and accurate picture of your company’s position to ensure that you can make informed and timely decisions. siena can revalue your positions and give you the profit and loss data you need in real time to enable you to react efficiently and with confidence.


Do you know your limits?
Knowing where you stand before you enter a transaction helps you to avoid those costly 'hindsight' moments.  siena provides you with fully updated pre-deal utilisation at the point of deal capture, ensuring you are aware of your limits before a deal is made and keeping you in control at all times.


Are you working with out-of-date prices?

If you’re not working with the latest prices then you leave yourself exposed to fluctuations in the market. siena has real-time price interfaces to Reuters and other suppliers to receive indicative and executable prices, allowing you to accurately assess your in-house pricing and evaluate your liquidity.


Are your operations in sync?

Treasuries need a failsafe way to inform downstream systems of all trading activity to ensure that back office settlements do not fail, accounting entries are posted and ALM systems updated. siena has highly efficient interfaces to all the major downstream systems, including automated ‘ACK' and 'NACK’ messaging, failsafe ‘auto-resubmission’ function and real-time reports, so you can be confident that your treasury operations are working in unison.


Do you have a flexible report solution?

In order to stay on top of increasing regulations, you need to ensure that you have clear, real-time trade data at your fingertips. You can use any market-leading report tool to extract and generate your own reports using siena’s Relational Gateway component. This enables you to output live dealing data to a relational database/data warehouse.


Are you compliant?

siena provides organisations with the control and workflow to ensure best practice is followed by recording customer transactions efficiently, in compliance with regulations and with separation of duties, assuring you of the integrity of your systems.


Reliable. Mindful. Personal.